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Inside OuT: A Trans Tale Chapter 3 on Tapas

All of Chapter 3 of my webcomic A Trans Tale is now up on Tapas for everyone to read.

Sapphoids FAQ questions | The Yuri Canon on Patreon

I’m creating an FAQ page for my Sapphoids, Vocaloids yuri, tumblr page. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll about adding it. I plan to post this page this evening, with the final page of Clockwork Clown, but can add in more questions if need be. 

Sapphoids FAQ questions | The Yuri Canon on Patreon

OG Ventures into the Adorably Insane Mind of The Yuri Canon


OG Ventures into the Adorably Insane Mind of The Yuri Canon


Last time I explored the adorably twisted mind of Ebi-Hime, known for her visual novels that are both adorable and sometimes dark. This time I will interview a veteran of the yuri nation who had been part of it for over two decades. She is known for her adorable and sometimes insane works such as her first big hit A Shadowlander’s Dream, the ongoing Inside OuT (no relation to the hit 2015 Pixar…

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“Adorably insane mind”! I’ve gained a new title!!! Thanks for all the support you have been giving me and listening to me ramble. If any of you are interested I was interviewed by OG recently and you can read it on the Yuri nation page.

I still can’t believe it, @deglorath actually got me a VIP ticket to Miku Expo NA!!! I’m so excited. With all the recent medical tests and such I’ve been feeling rather down as of late. I did get good news that my Thyroid levels are looking good now, just my Anxiety has gone haywire from all the tests… still have another doctor’s appointment at the end of this month and more tests, but hopefully this will be all over with before the end of the year.

The “Artist Rending” is from my Miku/Rin doujin series, “Clockwork Clown and the Wind-up Princess.” Part one, Part Two are now up. I’ll be continuing with that in the next bit and I’ll be back to Inside OuT again soon enough. Thanks for your support and understanding