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Yuri Tale Inside OuT :: Extra: Mondays | Tapastic Comics

Posted This extra RA on Tapastic this moment. Working on getting chapter 2 fixed up for posting later today. 

Yuri Tale Inside OuT :: Extra: Mondays | Tapastic Comics


Dark Horse Comics / Seven Seas Announces English Release For Mikubon (Previously Announced), Rin-Chan Now! and The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku

According to a write up by Anime News Network, Rin Chan Now! is scheduled to debut in 2017. No information of pricing, release date and pre-order is available yet.

The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku was confirmed for an English translation by Seven Seas and has a planned release date of May 2017. Again, no information of pricing, release date, and pre-order is available as of this post.

Mikubon was a previous announcement from several months ago, and pre-orders are now available on Amazon. MSRP: $10.99, Release Date: October 25th, 2016.

Financial support for these series will encourage Dark Horse Comics to pick up more licenses for Vocaloid based novels and manga. Dark Horse only has one release available for immediate purchase, Hatsune Mix, however should these future releases be proven financially successful we should hope to see more Vocaloid releases in the near future.

Rin manga too!!!! Need all of these. Rin looks cute on the MikuBon cover too! Must mark on calendar.


Yuri Manga Inside OuT Vol 3 Page 77

Read from the Beginning of the series

Finished another page this week. Sorry I didn’t get anything done last week… Thanks to those supporting me on Patreon I was able to get Clip Studio Paint EX, which is currently on sale at 60% off, and I decided to try it out on this page. Not sure how I feel about the toning, but I’m still learning how to make this program work. It should be very helpful with the 3d backgrounds and such. 

Thanks again for all your support over these years. I’ll try to get keep on schedule again. Please help support us by either reblogging my art or joining me on Patreon. You can also follow my other pages if you wish to keep up on all the other lesbian craziness that is going on in my world. 


Opps, there was a link error on the page so needed to edit and reblog it again (wish fixing an error worked on all rebloged pages as well…)

Testing out Toning in Clip Studio Paint EX. This is very different from how I’ve been toning for many years now so going to take a bit to get used to, but I think I got the basics down… just need to figure out how to get the toner to look the same my older pages. There are so many extra things to play with in here. Even a Rainbow tool, which I’m going to have to figure out how to incorporate at some time… 

Well this page of my yuri manga Inside OuT is finished and posted on Patreon for now. Guess I’ll go and try to play with other settings to get the brushes to my liking and try out a few other things. 


Yuri manga Inside OuT Vol 3 Page 76

Had some troubles at the beginning of the week trying to turn the script I had into art… Took me much longer then expected to get it finished, but I finally got it done. Enjoy. 



Seven Seas Royally Proclaims the License of Milk Morinaga’s SECRET OF THE PRINCESS

Seven Seas Entertainment is excited to announce the acquisition of Milk Morinaga’s standalone yuri manga, Secret of the Princess.

Secret of the Princess is a one-shot yuri manga where a simple secret leads to an unexpected relationship. Written and drawn by Milk Morinaga, the most beloved creator in the yuri genre and creator of the yuri series Girl Friends, Secret of the Princess is an unforgettable and bittersweet tale of high school romance.

Fujiwara is the school’s most admired student and captain of the volleyball team, but her reputation is at risk when she accidentally breaks the principal’s most prized possession, a priceless vase. Fellow student Miu witnesses the accident, and Fujiwara begs her not to tell. In exchange, she’ll do whatever Miu wants. It turns out that what Miu wants is to date Fujimaru! Although this wasn’t an arrangement that either girl expected, the two soon discover that breaking the vase may have been destiny’s way of bringing them together.

“Milk Morinaga is easily one of the best known creators of yuri manga and we’re thrilled at the reception her previous books have received in North America,” said Seven Seas production manager Lissa Pattillo. “Secret of the Princess is a really great title, short but sweet. As much as we love on-going titles like Girl Friends, sometimes it’s really refreshing to have a story tie up neatly in a single volume, and Milk Morinaga does not disappoint.”

Seven Seas will present Secret of the Princess, for the first time in print in North America with two full-color inserts. Secret of the Princess will be released on February 14, 2017 for $12.99 USA / $14.99 CAN.

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Miku/Rin yuri doujin – Clockwork Clown and the Wind-up Princess – Part Six Page three. 

There we go, another page finished. I had a lot of troubles with the lighting on this page and had to start over a few times to get it to look right. I wasn’t sure I’d get it done this week actually because of all the details involved in making this pages, but now I only have 3 more pages left in this little story so hopefully I can get it all finished soon. 

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Another page finished, you can read from the beginning here. Part One Page One. 


Yuri manga Inside OuT vol 3 Page 73

I was having troubles with this page due to that silliness with the bun package… originally they were just talking and not doing anything else, but after trying one of these buns myself I discovered the packages are insanely hard to open so decided to add in this struggle. 

Well enjoy. I’ll try to have more up next week. 

Finished another page this week. 

Hey look Anne Happy



あんハピ♪) manga will be released on 05/24/2016 by Yen Press. Didn’t realize it was so close. Just thought some of you might want to pick this one up. 

So many pages.

I just noticed something. My Yuri Manga Inside OuT is well over 400 pages… not sure if I remember actually breaking 400, but when I added up each volume it looked like this 

Vol 1   – 178
Vol 2   – 162
Vol 3   –   73
RA/IO –   13 (random short 4 panel strips)
Total =  426

Guess I must have reached 400 before getting sick because I’ve only drawn a few since returning to it. Maybe I just forgot how much I’ve done… Still throws me that I’ve drawn so many pages and have much more scripted out. Just glad so many are enjoying it still. I really need to do more Random Acts of Inside OuT… so many ideas, but I fail at keeping them 4 panels long… *sighs* 

Thanks all of you who have been supporting my Patreon page. It gives me more drive to keep drawing these and much more. 

Back to work with me.