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Quaggan Waddle 2019

Here are some screens from the recent Quaggan Waddle

Quaggan Waddle is an event in Guild Wars 2 to help promote Oct 19ths Pink Day in LA, brought to you by Gamers Giving Back. Come join us next mother for more fun. See you around.

GW2 so many dragons!

I’m just loving the new dragon skin for Guild Wars 2!!!

Some more skyscale shots. So many dragons now during the Boss Event. So pretty!

My wife’s machine is out for my blood!!!! I just installed this Cool Master Hyper 212 Evo into my wife’s computer and the bloody thing bit me… Took some skin off my knuckle… I tell you this machine is out to get me. Back when I first built it the motherboard decided it wanted to take a bite out of my hand. Now the CPU Cooler decides to try to taste… what the hell?!? Anyways, Kim was having troubles recently with her system overheating while playing ARK Survival Evolved. Since it is her Birthday next week I decided to give her a little upgrade. This thing is massive, good thing I got her a Coolmaster stryker tower before because I won’t be able to fit this thing…

Interestingly enough on my way out of the computer shop I got talking to this guy who just bought a Coolmaster tower, the same as the one I got for my sweetie. We got talking and he just handed me a Liquid Cooler for CPU. a 
Zalman LQ320.

I was going to install it, but it didn’t have the right brackets… so I need to look into buy the missing parts. Really nice of the guy since I’m scared of Liquid coolers and it gave me a chance to really look at the thing so I could understand it more. hopefully when I do it won’t try to take another bite out of me…