Locked in Jail in Rata Sum

What the?

Today has been a bit of a day… very tired, and when I went exploring on my dragon I got locked in Jail… didn’t know this could happen. I did have company later so that was nice.

GW2 so many dragons!

I’m just loving the new dragon skin for Guild Wars 2!!!

Some more skyscale shots. So many dragons now during the Boss Event. So pretty!

New Revised Edition of Inside OuT being worked on

After 10 years of drawing Inside OuT I’ve decided to go back and rework Vol 1-2 and try to make it more in line with Vol 3-4. It took me a long time to get back into the swing of art after taking a much needed break and Inside OuT was a learning process. I was scared to write the story I wanted at first, but kept going with the story. Now I’ve decided to fix up some of the issues with the beginning and post them for all to see.

Inside OuT A Queer Tale (QT or cutie) is now being posted on Tapas and Patreon. You can find the revised version on Tapas here and WIP page on Patreon.

I hope people enjoy the new version of Vol 1. I’ll try to post more as I get pages done.


Feb Wallpaper Collection

Feb’s Wallpaper collection has been posted on Patreon fro my $5+ Pledges. Zip includes 5 versions of the image above in different formats for PC, Cellphone, Tablet and more.

Inside OuT: Peaceful Bliss

Hitomi & Erimi from Inside OuT

A late B-day gift for my Pledges and Supporters. Thanks for all your support over the years.

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Artist Vs Art Meme

Kat The Yuri Canon

Drawing new Avatar art


Inside OuT vol 4 page 37 on Tapas

Read all of Inside OuT on Tapas now.

Read more on Patreon and help support me in my quest to create more LGBTQ+ content.

Inside OuT Vol 4 Page 35

Here is Inside OuT: A Yuri Tale Vol 4 Page 35. Read more on Tapas

Happy 2019!!!

Little New Years video for you all as I talk about my Plans for 2019