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Inside OuT: A Trans Tale

Happy 2021! Geez I haven’t touched this page in forever. For those of you who find this a lot has changed in the new year. First off is I decided to turn my attention from my older series of A Yuri Tale and focus more on working on A Trans Tale. I also posted the series on Webtoons as well as Tapas. Too my surprise, and delight, the new series is doing better then I ever expected. Reaching over 1,000 subs on both Webtoon and Tapas in less then a year! I’m so glad people are enjoying it so much. Been struggling a bit this year, but plan to do so much more. Not sure what I’ll do with this page but figured I would update it at the very least.

Thanks for 1K subs

As of February 12, 2021 we have reached 1.4K on Webtoons and 1.5K on Tapas. Thanks so much for all your support and for reading this little trans story. Get future updates and read advanced pages on Patreon

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Inside OuT: A Trans Tale Chapter 3 on Tapas

All of Chapter 3 of my webcomic A Trans Tale is now up on Tapas for everyone to read.

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