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Fighting Cancer Guild Wars 2 Style

The bullet club is running a series of events up to Pink day in LA, Oct 19th, and all the way until Halloween. Come join us and help raise money for Cancer Research. Fun and prizes to be had. So come one, come all. Hope to see you there.

For more info and where to donate check Gamers Giving Back

Quaggan Waddle 2019

Here are some screens from the recent Quaggan Waddle

Quaggan Waddle is an event in Guild Wars 2 to help promote Oct 19ths Pink Day in LA, brought to you by Gamers Giving Back. Come join us next mother for more fun. See you around.

Guild Wars 2 Tyria Pride 2019 Premarch video

Tyria Pride 2019 Saturday pre march video

Locked in Jail in Rata Sum

What the?

Today has been a bit of a day… very tired, and when I went exploring on my dragon I got locked in Jail… didn’t know this could happen. I did have company later so that was nice.