I am Kat (The Yuri Canon) Williams, Writer and artist of several LGBTQ+ comics and online novels. Now focusing on Webcomics. At this moment working on my newest series, Inside OuT: A Trans Tale, which I decided to put my full attention to in Feb of 2020. 

Who is Kat?
 I’m a middle aged, disabled, trans queer, intersex comic artist who has spent the past 20 years trying to draw comics the best of my abilities while coping with mental and physical Disabilities’ that make life rather difficult at times.  I’m Happily married to my lovely wife and live with our two beautiful fur babies, Zeezee and Patches. Being Disabled has made things harder, but we still manage, mostly because of the support from our followers on Patreon, who we wouldn’t be able to continue with these projects without their support. We love you all. 

Current Project. 

Inside OuT: A Trans Tale

Inside OuT: A Trans Tale is the story of two trans teens who become friends and help each other on their gender journey.

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