New website for my art

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I created a new little website to help people find all my yuri works and the placed I tend to haunt the most. It isn’t much right now, but I’ll try to update it in the future. I’ve been staring at webbly for months now and finally decided to do something with it. Hopefully it will help those searching for my works. I need to add more, but not sure exactly what to add… hopefully it works.

Sorry I don’t post here often. I keep forgetting I even had this account… I’m more on Patreon, Tumblr and Twitter now a days. I can’t even figure out how to update the links list on the right… *sighs* Well, hope some enjoy the new site.


Yuri.Media Promotional Site Announced

The Yuri Nation

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The time has come to announce the grand unveiling of Yuri.Media! To put it simply, think of the site as a Reddit for yuri fans where people are free to start yuri topics and promote their work such as comics, reviews, news articles, etc. There is also a forum page for said yuri topics. Promotion of yuri media from all mediums all over the world is welcome.

Here’s an excerpt from the site’s About Page, basically copy/pasting the description from one of the head honchos, Umedyn:

Yuri.Media is a group of creators and reviewers who make yuri, or lesbian themed work. This can range from Comics and manga, to games, shows and movies. We all come from a wide and various background all across the world.

Yuri.Media is first and foremost and site for people who like yuri and other lesbian works to find content creators and reviewers. Yuri.Media…

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This is just too cute, makes me want to draw Rin even more… but other work must be finished first… 

I accidentally posted Chapter 10 of my yuri manga series Inside OuT on Tapastic earlier then expected… Worked for about 12 hours trying to redo the text and set up 50 or so pages for the next week… guess I wasn’t thinking when I scheduled this part. 

This is just a snipped from that chapter. Going through these made me realize just how much I loved worked on these pages. It has been 6 years now since I did this part and I still like how it turned out. I really need to work on more pages like this… Need to finish up the next 300 pages and get them on Tapastic too… I’ll a new chapter up each day this week. Hopefully I can get this all finished soon so I can get back to work on other things again… 

Thanks those of you who have been supporting me so much through these years. If you wish to help support me either follow and read Inside OuT on Tapastic or join my Patreon page for more goodies. Also you can find me on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and DEVIANTART


figma 獅堂光

Hikaru!!! Talk about bringing back memories!!

Warning Trailer contained spoilers for the story up to the end of HoT

OMG, OMG, you have no idea how excited I am about this!!! I can’t wait to see what new areas we get to explore and what new stories will happen. I have to make sure I don’t get distracted, but I know I’m going to want to jump right in on the 26th… but need to do art that day… still… Oh geez!

Chapter cover without words posted on Patreon

Some of these old chapter covers for Inside OuT came out nicely… they were just so hard to create I don’t do them often anymore… just can’t seem to figure out what to draw for the most part. Time to put the text back…